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October 23rd 1.

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Sun Oct 23 Powered by. A male escort has done an AMA on Reddit and revealed all the weird dirty details about the job. Featured image credit: Touchstone Pictures. Follow tealioni. Next Up.

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October 23rd 10 shares. October 23rd 5. He was really nice and gave a massage. You ask the client what they want, negotiate a price, they get a shower, you do your thing, and they thank you and you leave. I met him at a coffee shop first - I did that with all my first clients because I was nervous about the old 'meeting a stranger from the Internet' trope.

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There's also a lot of clients out there that really get off on 'breaking a girl in' which is pretty damn gross, but the reality is they make the industry work. So yeah - met this guy at a coffee shop, had some great conversation, decided I was comfortable enough to go to his hotel room. He spent most of the time in the room stroking my body and moaning.

It was very weird, but nothing awful. Afterwards I looked at the cash in my hand and just couldn't believe how easy it was. I was pretty much hooked at that point.

How I spent my day with a $250 escort

We went to Burlington coat factory but they didn't allow opposite genders in the same dressing room. I needed a ton of money fast and hooking made that happen. After 6 weeks in a hotel I got my own place and after 6 months I got a real job. It started when I was working as a bus boy at a hotel on the beach. Our uniform was tight short shorts and a "coral" coloured top. It was easy money. I liked easy money.

I tried being a 'sugar baby' - yeah, you know what that means - when I was having trouble getting a job after high school.

An Escort On Reddit Revealed What It's Really Like To Have Sex For Money

He actually wanted to make small talk about my career and that kind of thing. I felt pretty filthy afterwards but the money couldn't be ignored so I did it a couple more times and called it quits when it came to be too much for my mental health. My first client was a middle-aged Asian man, maybe 40, slightly overweight but not totally unattractive.

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We met up in a cheap hotel which he paid for, talked a little bit first, and then had sex which couldn't have lasted more than 5 minutes. I was young and on the street, he was much older and really just one of the most unlikable guys I've ever met.

An Escort On Reddit Revealed What It's Really Like To Have Sex For Money - AskMen

But he was kind to me and didn't make a big deal of it. Looking back, I was really lucky he was my first client. This went on for some time until on our third or fourth time he started talking about how all his neighbours were out to get him and got him in trouble for having meth in his apartment. I did not go back for a 5th meeting. All of my online clients for porn work have been awesome though, night and day doing online vs in person stuff.

You'd think people online would be worse but my experience has been totally the opposite. Anyone can post in open comments. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. Posted Friday 17 November I recognised the band playing on his radio and he was kind of surprised since he was metal.

Not a good one but hey!